Transform your data into a powerful asset

Effect Force is a scalable workforce that annotates and enhances data through human intelligence, making it suitable for machine learning.

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Your data, enriched by human intuition

It won't be long before AI is able to tackle the majority of tasks, but it will need a hand getting there. The human workforce of Effect Force helps you sort, structure, and enrich vast quantities of data, preparing it for use in your own machine learning solutions.

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To create or maintain a successful machine learning solution you need real-time structured data.

1. Company

Existing Data

1. Effect Force interconnects between any systems, applications, devices or apps via secure REST API.
2. Define Into

Force Tasks

2. Your data will automatically be defined into micro tasks on the Effect Force platform.
3. Workers

Accept Task

3. The Effect Workers accept these micro Tasks to earn EFX tokens.
4. Workers

Complete Task

4. Once the Effect Worker completes the Task, the requestor pays the worker with EFX tokens.
5. Quality Management

Data Validation

5. The performed Micro Tasks will be reviewed by our Quality Management System.
6. Task Complete

Integrate Structured Data

6. Once the data is reviewed and approved the new structured data integrates seamlessly in your systems, applications, devices or apps
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